Our Unique Geology

P remium Spring Water flows from an untouched pocket of paradise at the foothills of the Margalla Hills. We own the land, springs, and high-quality control. We protect this extraordinary wilderness and keep it pristine because it provides us with something you cannot find anywhere else: not just water...nature’s purest spring water.

Our aquifer phenomena are the reason Premium Spring Water doesn’t need to go through any man-manipulated purification processes. Over time, our aquifers have mastered mother nature’s intention of properly and naturally filtering the healthiest water on the Earth. Our aquifers replenish our springs consistently so that our water doesn’t need to be pulled from the source. Extraordinarily rare, our water flows freely to our springs.


B y bottling our water directly on-site, we are not invading or depleting the environment, nor are we risking contamination. We have a reduced carbon footprint compared to other bottled water brands that may pump their water in one place, store it in tanks, truck it or ship it to another location to be bottled, and then transport it out again for delivery.


P remium Spring keeps the process local and conflict-free from production to consumption. Quality is the key. Quality production, quality practice, quality people. From spring to shipment, Premium Spring is a single source, conflict-free process, providing you with conflict-free bottled water.

There’s no need to move in elsewhere, start drilling and think of ways to purify and bottle as much water as possible before moving on to the next water source. That also includes tapping municipal water supplies, as some bottled water brands do, and manipulating a way to get the most water out of that community source. There’s no need to deal with municipalities or interfere with communities. Instead, we are part of our community and play an active role in preserving its beauty.

Our crisp, pure water flows freely up to us and our immense Aquifers are constantly replenishing our springs. Our pristine location and unique geology provide us with a fresh, endless flow of spring water.

100% Sustainable

We take after the example set by our natural spring water. As conservationists of our environment, Aquifers, and natural springs, we look after Premium Spring’s purity with a healthy process that keeps it all on our pocket of paradise with a team working purposefully to deliver to you nature’s purest bottled spring water.

Low Sodium / High Calcium

Premium Spring is low in sodium and high in calcium, making it healthy bottled water. Our water is rated at an extremely low TDS (total dissolved solids), which means it never contains or requires any additives. Combine this with an exceptionally good pH balance, and you have delicious, healthy spring water

Quality Assurance for Healthy Hydration

Quality is everything. Premium Spring Water has full chemical make-up tests every hour at our on-site laboratory and is tested annually at renowned national and international testing labs. Time and again, it is confirmed that Earth’s purest water flows from our springs, and we have the great privilege of sharing it with you.